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Schedule, review and enhance your content using a friendly API.

Easy-to-use APIs

Multiple schedules
Fetch Endpoint
2  connectionId: "YOUR_CONNECTION_ID",
3  when: "2 days from now",
4  data: {
5    content: "My description goes here #testing",
6    threads: [{
7      content: "This follows onto topic one"
8    }]
9  },
10  options: {
11    shortLinks: true,
12  }


Connect to tons of different social networks

With Blogity you can schedule content, enhance it and share to a number of social networks and destinations.

API first

Easily integrate into your product, tech stack or JamStack blog

See scheduled posts

Easily post content, but also read to see upcoming content to be scheduled

CRM image
Analytics image
In control

Knowledge is helpful and with the right tools it can make the difference

With the power of the CRM coupled with our journey analysis tools, you can start to gain a deeper understanding on how your customers use your store.

Analytics built in

As a standard feature we provide analytics for your store to understand where visitors are coming from and how they are interacting in your store.

Journey analysis

With the power of analytics, we analyze and provide a map of how your visitors and customers are interacting with your store. Overtime patterns will emerge to reveal what is working around your store and what is not.

Experience refinement

Once you start to understand how customers journey in your store, you can start to refine the experience and encourage more sales throughout your store.